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Dr. Laptop Love, or How I Learned that Friendship is Unnecessary

February 8, 2010

I write this, my first blog post (!!!) in haste because my eyes are in a lot of pain. I woke up this morning with a nasty cold. I could feel it seeping in for the last few days but masked the symptoms with a disgusting amount of whiskey and wine, even for me.

Deciding the day was a write-off, i have literally spent nine waking hours lying in my bed, eating chocolate, and surfing the internet. My eyes have had enough; blurred vision and an obnoxious headache have set in.

For now (this entry aside) i have resorted to just listening to the internet to give my eyes a break but i cannot wait for the pain to subside so that I can go back to my media-devouring ways…i think my laptop may be my best friend. is that a problem?
I even shut out a friend who offered to bring me soup. I already have the company I need, apparently.

In keeping with Lee’s ‘am i a failure?’ theme: I am trying to ignore how guilty my day is making me feel. i cannot be a failure today. I (buried in the nurturing bosom of my laptop) am nursing myself back to health, so my laziness is allowed. right?

I wish I knew how to [Option+Command+Esc] +[Force Quit] you.

Ok. Back to listening to my bff.

Today: Lindt Intense Mint Dark Chocolate and Madagascar 70% Dark Chocolate. Can’t have milk chocolate on account of a potential mucus issue (Thanks Lance)


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