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How to fill a Sunday without whiskey or Chatroulette!

February 8, 2010

Clean up after a Saturday night “taking it easy” in the suburbs.

Take a taxi, a bus and a metro home to the city. Travel time: two hours.

Congratulate yourself for not living in the suburbs.

Go to a winter festival.

Eat at the cabane à sucre.

Play glacial mini-golf.

Avoid men dressed up as stuffed animals. (Scary unless you are at Disneyland.)

Go to the museum and play with all the “educational” activities for kids.

Make your boyfriend pull you around in a sled.

Try to pull your boyfriend around in a sled.

Carve ice blocks at the Ice-Carving Fun Station.

Marvel at how little kids are using sharp tools without maiming themselves.

Marvel at how little kids in snowsuits look like walking Lucky Charms marshmallows.

Eat at a vegan restaurant (wearing fur).

Go to work busing tables and making bar food.

Eat sandwich meat. (Just passing time.)

Go online after a two day hiatus.

Find all your fish are very hungry in Happy Aquarium.


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