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Weak during Doppelganger Week

February 8, 2010

Today I told my mother, Sharon, that I am starting a blog with Laura. She sent me the link for Tavi Gevinson’s blog Style Rookie. Her parents had no idea she was on the interwebs — until the New York Times called her for an interview or something equally ridiculous/ impressive/ unfair. AND she got to go to New York Fashion Week.

Tavi is thirteen. FML.

Being jealous of a thirteen year old kind of sucks. She calls herself a dork. But come on. She has blue hair and went to the Marc Jacobs show. I am the dork playing Happy Aquarium for countless hours a day and eating oysters out of the tin because that is the only thing nonperishable enough to still warrant eating in my pantry. I am the dork, thank you very much Tavi!

I think what probably hurts the most is that she kind of looks like me. Now wait a minute. Not in the way Ellen Page looks like me. (Or is it more correct to say that I look like Ellen Page. She is the celebrity after all. And they get everything. Especially monopoly of the rights to looking a certain way.) But seriously, here is Ellen looking like a thirteen year old Lee: (Minus the stripes and ill-matched plaid. I only really wore pink.)

I changed my Facebook profile picture to one of Ellen and I don’t think anyone really noticed. Except my friends who have been hounding me to admit I look like her since we went to Costa Rica last spring. Are you happy now?There isn’t anything wrong with looking like Ellen Page. She is kind of the cutest thing you could imagine. And Tavi (who unlike Ellen and I, looks her age) is pretty adorable, too.

I just can’t help begrudging them for their cuteness and extraordinary success and wide sensitive eyes because they are taking up space in the industry. The more of them out there, the less space for me to be special. Thanks to Ellen, I’ll never be famous. Thank you Tavi: no one will ever read this blog. (Except my mother, because I’ve told her she is obligated to read it.)

But maybe, just maybe… after this cold/fever has passed… I’ll do something that will make people say: “Wow. You really look like Lee ********.” (Don’t worry, I’m staying away from reality television. I think.) I’m going to an audition tomorrow, so maybe that will be a step in the right direction. My other goal is to get over this sickness so I can go to an agency on Monday. Its Don’t Fail February. Have to do everything I possibly can before I’m back to school in March.

Today’s Chocolate: Oysters out of the tin… I wish I had been kidding.

Here is to hoping that I’m someone’s doppelganger someday!


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