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When Did I Get So Old.

February 12, 2010

Three reasons YOU should learn to knit:

1. Knitting is the most important meal of the day!

2. Knitting advocates animal testing!

3. Knitting supports science fiction!

For a lot of people, winter calls for  streaming illegal television on your laptop while in bed ice skating, hot chocolate and reading by the fire.

For me, winter means whiskey and knitting. Here I am on a crazy friday night!

If you’re still reading this, you secretly want to knit. Don’t you. So… learn the nitty gritty with witty Knitty. Or get a little competitive with Ravelry.

I inherit my love of textiles (actually, clothing) and making stuff from my artisan Mother. She tells me that with “you can find people in your area who knit and get together in cafes/bars to knit on a particular night” (Skype 2010). I am too shy to meet strangers in bars to knit. What if it is all a practical joke:  will they pummel me with yarn and laugh at my propensity for dropping stitches?

Listen. We are in the midst of a knitting revival. It is  happening all around us! Apparently in bars!! Get on board (not bored.) The knitting in this post is amigurumi (which means knitted stuffed toy in Japanese) that I found on the internet.  Proof that knitting is weird, cool, cute and wonderful? And I’m done sounding lame now.

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