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I’m back!

March 8, 2010

I was really conflicted about my family trip to the Vancouver Olympics.  I really worried that I would have a terrible time. After all, the Olympics involve a lot of facepaint, high-fives, and general hoop-la (sp?) and I am, admittedly, a touch cynical and maybe not always the most open-minded person in the world.  this is also, maybe, a little bit of a slight, small, tiny, understatement. but anyways.

There’s one thing I realized as soon as I landed in Vancouver. You have to either drink the Koolaid or else stand aside and watch in horror; there really is no in between. What surprised me was that I didn’t even resist. I really enjoyed it–all of it. The patriotism, the sport-spectating, the Molson Canadian, even the steady stream of Koreans taking paparazzi-shots of me.

These are some of the Olympic mascots. Miga is my favorite:

See!!?? I’m even into mascots. I think the Olympics cured me of my cynicism.

Here is the sound of Vancouver during the gold medal hockey game, when Canada won in OT: (at 1:20)

The cynical me would say this fanaticism is an absurd display of how fickle we all are. But not anymore! There should be more of this! In fact, there is a definitive lack of strangers high-fiving in Montreal.

So now that I’m believing in people and all, I have a new problem…how do I stay relevant to my friends/as an individual if I’m not cynical and see the good in things all the time? have I lost my ‘edge’? will people still like me? what do optimistic people joke about?
Does considering this just cancel everything I’ve said out? Fuck it I guess I’m still cynical.

Day 1:

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